Smashbox HD Powder

Hello everyone! Today’s post is about my FAVORITE powder. I have extremely dry, sensitive and fair skin and all three of these issues make it extremely difficult to find makeup. I apply the powder with a kabuki brush after moisturizing and then applying OCC Tinted Moisturizer. The coverage is wonderful for a powder and on my better skin days I am comfortable wearing this powder without tinted moisturizer underneath. When my skin flares up with a rash or dry, itchy patches this powder is light enough it doesn’t irritate my skin. It is long wearing and has a great finish. It looks like skin and doesn’t get too cakey.

I love the packaging on this product!

The compact comes with a mirror and a grinder, so it is a pressed powder underneath and then you grind a little bit out as you need, which avoids a lot of mess and keeps the mirror clean. It is also a great compact for professionals because you can just grind off some powder which eliminates the need to dip into a compact with your brush. It also makes it easier to mix powder colors for professional use. I, personally, don’t use it in my kit because I prefer a heavy liquid foundation with a lighter setting powder, but it is a great product for people that do more wedding and event work. For photo work I prefer other products. I don’t really take makeup around with me but it would be a great compact to take around in your purse.

Let’s talk about price! If you have ever thought about using this product, you probably saw the price and yelped. I have also sought out other, cheaper products. This product runs for just under $60, which is no small price. But if you love this product it is worth it. You get .75 ounces of product, which is more than double virtually all other comparable, high quality brands (such as Laura Mercier, Make Up For Ever, etc.) which run for around $35. And as I said the coverage is great so you don’t need to use a ton. Compare that to Bare Minerals where you get under .3 ounces and you need to use more to get the same coverage and can’t really get proper coverage without approaching cakey-ness.

But the biggest reason I love this powder is that I don’t need to worry about oxidation! Maybe others have experienced oxidation with Smashbox, but it truly wears better than any other powder I have tried, staying true to color and not settling into fine lines or pores. What is oxidation? It is a fair lady’s worst nightmare! Have you ever tried on a foundation, loved it, then looked in the mirror an hour later and your makeup has turned darker? Sometimes there is a bit if an orange tinge, too. Smashbox works well on my fair skin and really blends in and STAYS that way.

Smashbox does not have nearly the color selection of many other brands. I generally use a very yellow based tinted moisturizer layered over the red parts of face to get my ideal color. But even on my days off where I just wear powder, Smashbox does a great job really blending in with my skin tone, which is surprising to me since I am usually hard to match.

As for the claims that it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, I am not sure. I have fairly youthful skin. I do know that it wears well under my eyes where other powders sometimes settle into fine lines.

All in all, this is my preferred powder foundation. It is gentle and looks great and I really feel like my skin looks and feels better when I wear it regularly.

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