“I’m not even wearing any makeup” and other such lies

“I’m not wearing ANY makeup today.”
“It took me, like, five minutes to get ready this morning.”
“I am so low maintenance, I take less time to get ready than my boyfriend.”
“I don’t know why other girls spend so much time getting ready, I just roll out of bed.”

First of all, these statements ARE true for some women, but generally, the women that these statements are true for are not the ones who say them. My low maintenance clients complain about taking five minutes to do something, not brag about it… And really, they rarely mention it unless prodded because they don’t care.

Usually when I hear these kinds of statements it is from people who clearly have spent some time on themselves, and often a substantial amount of time. I do consider myself low maintenance, so maybe it is just that what seems like a ton of work to out in daily to me is very minor to other women, but the statements I am referring to in this post are not relative statements, they tend to be fairly specific and so obviously false. Two things puzzle me greatly about this: first, that some women feel the need to lie, and second, that men believe such lies. Really, I think such statements are damaging to both genders and their relationship with each other. And yes, I am taking this issue far too seriously. The issue itself is fairly benign but it is a symptom of something more serious.

Why do women lie? I have many answers.

The first is something I mention often in my blog because I think it is the culprit of most of the damaging aspects of the beauty industry and that is the inherent competition between females. I wish that as women, and moreso as people, we could be united. I believe that naturally we want to be benevolent but that culture dictates feelings of jealousy and insecurity. I’m not sure how this started, but these feelings are powerful motives to buy, buy, buy, so that is why they are encouraged by the media in sometimes subtle and sometimes extreme ways. In the case of women claiming they have spent an extremely small amount of time on themselves, it is one woman putting herself in a good light through implications that other women do so much more and that such routines are shallow wastes of time. Usually there is an explicit jab at womankind thrown in there but not always. Some men will be inclined to believe this because they don’t know as much about makeup, they just know they’ve seen some girls with way too much on and they don’t like that. When asked, a lot of men will say they prefer women without makeup on, but prior to their first experience living with a woman, I think a lot of them don’t really realize just what women look like without makeup. To see a woman who claims to not be wearing any makeup, but is clearly wearing foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss and blush reaffirms an unreal expectation for what women look like. Some women are just naturally nearly flawless. If they are bare faced and proclaim it it isn’t a lie, but it still has an air of condescension towards other women. And really, even if a woman is not wearing anything that day, there is often a beauty regiment at work.

Another reason women lie about their beauty routine is because natural beauty is very in right now and many men prefer it. But these days it seems to me that natural beauty seems to just mean that you don’t need to do as much in the morning. Permanent makeup, tanning, laser hair removal, cosmetic surgeries and eyelash serums and extensions are very popular these days. I hear people claim to not care at all about their looks and that they are extremely low maintenance when all of these things are in play. I don’t have a problem with any of these things, and some I think are quite awesome, but why not call a spade a spade?

Which brings me to the final point I’ll discuss in this post, that women are defensive about their beauty routines because they don’t want to be viewed as shallow. Which is ironic because statements like those above encourage judgment! Some women wear a lot of makeup, some don’t and it is more apparent on some than others. It doesn’t matter and it doesn’t change who you are on the inside. It is perfectly fine and natural to care what you look like and playing with your hair and makeup is fun and that’s ok! If a woman doesn’t want to be viewed as shallow she should talk about other things, not other women or her “lack” of mirror time. Usually an unprovoked “I don’t do ___________” is cause for suspicion.

Some women like beauty and makeup, others don’t, and that is ok. And while I don’t endorse obsessive or unhealthy behavior, I believe there is nothing to be ashamed in with taking an hour or more to get ready for your day and it does not make someone (necessarily) shallow. Beauty and fashion give people a chance to express themselves and use their creativity and it is a lot of fun and it can be very empowering. I believe that women, especially strong, intelligent and capable women, have a very warped relationship with the beauty industry. They feel it will tie them down. They feel if image is important to them they are not strong, intelligent and capable. They drive a wedge between themselves and the “girly-girls.” They want to be different and better. But in the world and within them image is still important so there is a disconnect and that is where these statements sometimes come from. But there is no dichotomy. There are just people and each person, whether they repress it or not, has some feelings and connections to the beauty industry.

So don’t be afraid of makeup, or your hair. Just have fun with it, as much or as little as you want to, and then go out into the world without judgment and you won’t have to waste your time with lies and insecurity. I know these comments are not intentional or calculated by any means, but when that insecurity has vanished, just think how much time you have to talk about all the more important things in life?

2 thoughts on ““I’m not even wearing any makeup” and other such lies

  1. Hi there,

    I hope you find Erol’s comedy as hilarious as I do, delivering truth through selfless love and ridicule. He’s a living Christ, which most people can’t get their heads around, even though performing miracles and exposing evil whilst championing moral truth is a give away.

    He doesn’t really do a lot of self promotion, in the same way Van Gogh didn’t sell a painting in his lifetime, tormented to the end, by bragging psychopaths. I read over your post and wish I could ‘disabuse’ you of the pernicious ‘influence’ upon your thinking of feminism. It’s neuro-anatomically easier for a good woman to put herself in the shoes of an innocent man, innocence existing far more so on the male side of the imaginary ‘divide.’

    My talks with Erol made me realise, that I’ve been brain-sullied by propaganda my whole life, which was successfully getting me to maniacally ‘compete’ with men, to ensure my own secret late-night misery and further widen a divide between men and women across the board, which produces the fatherless chlidren which the ‘system’ is after.

    The system re-lies on you being ‘reactionary’ to simple fact, for everyone’s sake don’t be. Everything you’re objectified by and the daily harassment you’re subjected to is deliberately and ruthlessly aimed at you by Zionists and their army of sexual deviants, who ‘every’ outlet of the media and need badly raised children to protect themselves so they can carry on with their ‘tradition,’ as best lampooned by Saint Mel Gibson in Apocalypto.

    It’s all ‘bullshit,’ as feminism is simply exploiting the default mindset of gullible females, until they become ‘inconsolably’ raging, man-hating, thankless, power-lusting bigoted lunatics, which they’ll subsequently take-out on their unsurprisingly fatherless children. Which is what the Zionist ‘programmers’ want your children to go to primary school ‘for.’


    They know there’s an ‘explosion’ of sexual activity amongst ‘fatherless’ children, after they teach infants sex ed, compared to schools where it’s ‘not’ taught. They know there’s an exponential increase in drug taking and ‘suicide’ when they teach those ‘pseudo-preventitive’ classes too.

    The epitome of evil is to ‘deceive’ in order to commit an offence against an innocent. Our anger shouldn’t be turned towards innocent men, it ‘should’ be turned towards those stirring-it and ourselves for ‘falling’ for it, when coupled to our ‘reliable’ programmed reaction to those provocations and atypical blame-shifting bogus rage issues.

    In brief, a minimum of 2 thirds of abused children are abused by single mums who were culturally encouraged, by moral-imbeciles, to believe they were going to be Zsa Zsa Gabor, but who ends up fighting with everyone who isn’t good-enough for Zsa Zsa, until they’re left alone, with their winnings, fatherless children. Whom their then ingrained lust for dominance and obedience, et al, is taken out on those children, especially by those who get sexual-pleasure from outing their ‘frustrations’ on ‘innocents.’

    Which in turn, means those children are 2 thirds more likely to become anti-social personality disordered & ripe for exploitation to protect the interests of the genocidal Zionists and join their army of sexual deviants.

    The cold hard ‘facts’ their ever-stirring media falsely portrays, to further their agenda, as regards fatherless children speak for themselves. It’s also a cold hard fact that women have ‘smaller’ brains than innocent near-perfect ‘good’ men, who are the number one victim of ‘all’ atrocities so that the ‘beasts’ in seats of power, lusting after our children, can have them more easily and de’moral’ise them and their estranged fathers into ‘self destruction’ more easily. As fatherless children are 2 thirds more likely to kill ‘themselves,’ when raised ‘exclusively’ by the marauding entitled Zsa Zsa. Coincidence?

    I see in many feminist posts that their ‘infantile’ confirmatory-biased anger has been ‘co-opted,’ as I was, by my brain-sullying propaganda and determination to get pseudo-revenge against 100% innocent men who’ve got nothing to do with my totalitarian dictat that he be essentially psychic. My best advice is doubt your ‘reaction’ to truth and relax, because if it’s not fact, ‘after’ you’ve ‘checked’ at-length, you don’t have-to believe it, then when you find out how far you’ve been duped you’ll question your way out of the cave into ‘peaceful’ sunshine. Although don’t expect many to follow.

    Behind ‘every’ seat of pseudo-power is a paedophile land-baron. Unsurprisingly they’re after our children and want us corralled in cities far from their estates and being oppressed and slowly-killed with our Children the next-in-line for bondage. They’re megalomaniacal-psychopaths and can rely on ourselves being similar enough to ‘ingrain’ their self-destructive ‘programming’ into our brains from infancy. When a woman’s saving ‘grace’ is that, unlike male psychopaths, even if she’s a psychopath, women have 30% affective empathy, where male psychopaths would have none.

    But it’s that fact that allows us to be fooled by their countless media outlets and to fool ourselves into the bargain, that we’re caring and fair people, when our actions tell a completely different story and our fatherless children’s fate and our own outcome is ‘mindlessly’ predictable. 90% of western females are bi-sexual psychopaths. We don’t have the amygdaloid capacity for the depth necessary to love and bullshit ourselves constantly, when, as Erol taught me, a lie can ‘never’ be a lie, now consider the volume of lies a woman tells herself on a daily basis and realise ‘why’ she’s so easily hurt and due to her neuro-anatomical limited function in key areas of the brain, seek revenge against innocent honest moral people.

    Which the paedophiles on high can ‘rely’ on, bombarding us with propaganda to target men with our unjustifiable proto-emotional hate, instead of ‘surrendering’ to their moral compass and having ‘love’ in our lives, which the psychopaths don’t want us to have.

    Thus feminist podium bashers are hate-spewers teaching us to destroy ourselves and our children, whilst ‘appearing to be our saviours, all the while ‘encouraging’ us to attack and shun the only chance we have at a life worth living whilst in bloom. It goes unreported that countless men kill themselves nightly as a direct result of the cruelty of bitter female psychopaths. The children of the single mother are more easily hoovered into the paedophile ring behind child services.

    When I first started learning from Erol, I was ridiculously reactionary, due to my Zionist programming. None the less, I persevered and he selflessly taught me what his Christlike brain can ‘see,’ in the valley of the ‘blind,’ where 1 eyed megalomaniacal paedophiles (see, the mason symbol,) believe that they’re king, but assassinate ‘human’ Kings who ‘can’ see what they’re up to. (Eg. Martin Luther King.)

    Most westerners don’t have that great a capacity for moral conscience across their frontal lobes and prefrontal cortex’s, which if they don’t use they ‘lose.’ That’s why we’re taught that ‘morality’ is just our opinion and the truth is just our opinion, to doubt those modules of the brain and ‘surrender’ to our immoral misleaders. When morality is the law of the universe, like gravity, both of which are invisible at first, but just try throwing yourself out the window and see if gravity cares about your ignorance.

    Morality works the same way and since ‘understanding’ that fact from Erol, which psychopaths don’t want you to know, (which is their M.O. to a ‘T,’) I’ve been able to witness miracles unfolding in my life at the pace I’m prepared to ‘do’ what it ‘takes.’ Even though, like 90% of women, I’ve no in-built moral compass, so I’m essentially insane without a moral guide, if left alone to create the narrative of my hyper-defensive ‘imaginary’ self image.

    I don’t ‘expect’ a different result from you, than the 1 Erol got when he 1st spoke truth to me, suffice to say, try and understand, as that will give you the peace I wish you knew, whilst ‘keeping’ your wonderful and admirable fire, necessary to oust Nero from his fiddle and Hilary from her toilet-throne.

    In a nutshell, the way we’re raised means we struggle to make it out of infancy and our automatic ‘denial’ is simply moral-imbecility, since we have been ingrained to be like ‘them.’ I repeat, our saving ‘grace’ is that they can ‘never’ take away a woman’s affective empathy, even-though they ‘atrophy’ our hippocampus. Which we must ‘exercise,’ by looking beyond the end of our own stung nose ‘and’ past the ‘entirely’ Zionist run media, to the ‘real’ crime figures, seen throwing themselves off bridges ‘every’ night, suffering from brain-damage in their prefrontal cortex, due to having had the ‘raging’ result of Zsa Zsa endlessly taking out her power-lust out on him, destroying his life and moving on to her next ‘game,’ thinking highly of herself and her powers-invisible, whilst lizards in wigs behind her cream themselves in Kangaroo courts, licking their lips with forked tongues and hiding ‘our sworn enemy’ on their estates.

    The facts speak for themselves, 3 innocent good family men, throw themselves off of nearly every bridge in the country, ‘every’ night, bar none, yet you ‘never’ read about the ‘deliberate’ result, in the Zionist media encouraging and getting-off on it, you never read that ‘innocent’ men are the number 1 victim of ‘every’ crime bar none. You never read what ‘they’ don’t want you to know, as otherwise you’d see what ‘they’ have done to you and are ‘still’ trying to do to you, (which they get pleasure from,) as otherwise you’d ‘correctly’ take your fire out on ‘them.’ Instead of marching impotently or ignorantly.

    To conclude, you’ll be glad to read, I respect you and what the sowers of sorrows don’t understand is, they’ve built fema camps for us and enraged generations of otherwise-innocent women and hammered the most hated of all people on earth, innocent men and are abusing all out children daily. Yet ‘we’ can turn the tables on those ‘inbred’ psychopath voids, destroying our children, we ‘can’ put ‘them’ in the fema camps and all we need to do is turn our anger, away from innocent men, towards megalomaniacal psychopath paedophiles who are 100% guilty of being able to rely on ‘us’ to destroy ourselves, due to our trampoline-brained rigid aloplastic imaginary-self-image defence mechanism. Which began the day ‘we’ started concentration-campus in infancy and were taught to COMPETE and that we’re ‘equal’ to a near-perfect ‘wholly-different’ endangered-species, whom we were made to ‘compliment’ and support, who’s morality would grant our children’s wishes and our own childhood wishes, of a romance that would make life worth living and which would help ‘save us from ourselves.’

    p.s. I don’t know about you, but I love a man who doesn’t let me away with anything, as I forget myself from time to time and so still weakly ‘choose’ to factor out my disrespectful urge control, when I unconsciously want, ahem, chocolate. Men have been taught to feel insecure about providing us with ‘consequence,’ as our shrieking-projection makes them self-examine insecurely and over the long term causes them PTSD. Where all of the above is leading us, as hard as it may be to believe, is WW3, thanks to our programming by Zionist lunatics, as war=dead children and dead innocent-men, whilst the paedophile baron proudly titillates itself, sitting miles from their cannons, they throw our children in front of, on massive farmlands home and dry.

    http://Christlike.be ~ (Erol is a living Christ, a Christ is simply an ‘evolved’ mind, the kind of mind Zionists assassinate routinely out of existential jealousy as Zionists are an evolutionary cul-de-sac that wants everyone gone so they can evolve beyond the point we’re at now, because we’re all ‘more’ evolved than they are. The present ‘misleaders’ are far worse only because they’ve got technology to expose us to genocidal megadeath which previous megalomaniacal cults didn’t have, however, the incumbent killed most of the following; Jesus of Nazareth, his cousin John the Baptist, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Che Guevara, Bob Marley, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Socrates, Gandhi, et al.)


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