Soft Purple Hair

Hello folks! I should have posted these sooner, because they are beautiful.

For the hairstylists out there I will be including my formulation. Kayla wanted a lavender color, a very soft, muted, pastel purple. I some blues and ashes in with the purple tone because I always feel like the purples have a little bit of a pinkish tone to them with Wella, which makes sense. Color is subjective and every line is a little different so it is important to know your line. I used one color and applied roots first for awhile then to ends. Since I did want an ombré effect and her blonde hair was already darker at the roots than the ends I took the color off as soon as her ends were where I wanted them. Her ends grabbed really quickly so I rinsed then reapplied to her roots which needed quite a bit more time since they were not lightened to the same degree. I used Wella’s ColorTouch line which is a Demi-permanent haircolor and it is also progressive meaning that it gets darker the longer it is on.

Here it is:
Wella ColorTouch .6 10/81, .7 10/6, .2 5/66 .2 8/81 .2 /68 = double CT Emulsion (1.9%)

Model: Kayla, Photographer: Tyler Sinclair

5 thoughts on “Soft Purple Hair

  1. Hi there, it turned out fabulous. I tried with 10/0 and 2cm of /68 but was just a pinky tone.
    Just wondered about your formula. “Wella ColorTouch .6 10/81, .7 10/6, .2 5/66 .2 8/81 .2 /68 = double CT Emulsion (1.9%)”……what do you mean by .6, .7 etc. Is that your measurement of each colour. we must do it different in the uk. Also did you do separate colours intemittidely or did you go in with one shade all over. also, final question i promise, what level/condition was her hair beforehand.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. hi! thanks for sending your formulation, couple questions.. what level was her hair before applying this color? also i was told to use 9/16+3/68 and dilute with 0/00 ..however i dont know the exact measurements to use.. your input would be great! thanks again ❤

    1. Hey! It depends on your desired result. Are you looking for a pastel? I would recommend diluting with 10/6 instead of 0/00 because I believe the longevity would be better, but I haven’t tried it that way! Kayla’s hair was a level ten before on the ends and an 8 or 9 on the root area. She may have had less than a half inch of her natural at the base, too, which I believe was around a level 5 in Wella.

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