Blinc Tube Technology Mascara

Hello Everyone! As many of you know I have bad allergies that keep me from wearing much eye makeup. I am also not into huge eyelashes (for myself) on an every day basis. I have never been big on mascara and one of the biggest problems has always been getting it off. Whether it is the various eye makeup removers or the actual product getting into my eyes I am not a happy camper!

Blinc Tube Technology Mascara works by coating lashes with copolymers that form into tiny tubes surrounding the lashes. It isn’t paint that will smear or smudge, once dry they are cohesive units surrounding each lash.

Blinc’s mascara is wonderful for people like me. I love definition and I don’t need my lashes to be enormous, although they do have an another formula for bigger lashes that I haven’t tried, and primers and things like that for serious big lash fans. They just need a little pick-me-up that won’t get in my eyes, under any circumstance. Literally, you could swim in this mascara and be fine as long as you just dabbed your eyes with a towel, rather than rubbing. It comes off so easily. All you have to do is wet your eyes and gently massage the little tubes off. It is very strange the first few times, especially if you have forgotten and a few lash-tubes comes off when you wash your face, but it is great to be able to wash my face without becoming a raccoon!

Blinc needs water AND light pressure to come off, it will not come off with the water or just pressure no matter how much of either you apply.

Since my hair is near black naturally, sometimes I use it on my brows, too, just to thicken up a few areas. Sometimes I will also fill them in with shadow, other times that is enough for a casual look. I wouldn’t recommend this for many, but if you have black or near black brows it is a nice trick and the product won’t budge until you wash your face.

Here it is, on one side, brows and lashes, no other makeup:



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