Eye Contact

Today I had a break from work and decided to take a walk and enjoy the lovely August day. I decided to stop into a convenience store to get a popsicle. When I checked out, I was alarmed by how pleasant and empty the cashier sounded. I know it happens all the time, but wow… A young girl who looked like she could possibly be quite bright sounding so dull and bored out of her mind. It brought me back to my days in fast food.

When I was at a fast food joint, I thrived on making people’s day. Smiling with sincerity and looking people in the eye got me through that lousy job. I have always felt like we have a responsibility to each other, friends and strangers alike, to try and make their lives a little more pleasant. It got me thinking about how sad people can get (myself included) about the state of the modern world, how easy it is to feel robotic, to feel like a cog in a giant machine. When some days all it takes is simple acts of kindness to pull people out of that lull.

Eye contact is can work wonders if you let it. I feel like people hardly look at each other anymore. They are multitasking on their phones or filling out paperwork or staring out into the distance instead of looking at each other. My earliest busy days in the salon, I would find myself knowing everything about a client’s hair but unable to remember what their face was like. I quickly adjusted my ways, discovering that there is no chance at perfect hair if I can’t really connect with the person, and also very little fulfillment. How many people do you really look at every day? And Internet stalking does not count! It is like we see so much of other people virtually we are shy to face them in person.

And when I say eye contact I don’t mean staring at the spot between their eyes to fake it, I mean really taking in who they are… Who they are today.

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