A Top Inspiration: Children’s Hair

I love hair that is light. Airy. Wild. Free. Radiant and rich tones. Tangling textures. Cuts that fall into place no matter what.

When I have kids cuts at the salon, or even just sit in the pew at Christmas service, I am transfixed by the hair of the children. It’s interesting to see hair that is mostly in its natural form. Giving in to cowlicks. Staticky. Inconsistent waves. Yet kids hair has this softness to it that makes it touchable despite that. It’s interesting to see young girl next to mom and wonder if there are similarities between the underlying texture, before the hours of careful manipulation. Puberty does a lot to stiffen and coarsen hair, deepen the tone and sometimes even intensify or reduce the waves. But sometimes mother and daughter will have similar textures and I will wonder if the mom would be better off with a product that suits her natural texture rather than products that fight it.

Color is really where it gets interesting though. Once I opened my eyes to it and stopped just seeing brown, black, red and blonde, there is so much to see on virgin hair color! I love looking at natural color and thinking about how I would formulate it. Some tones I see in children’s hair, I never would have though possible, with golden or pearly undertones. Lots of coolers that I would tend to deem not quite natural from the swatch book, but then I will see children with undertones quite resembling those colors. There is truly so much variation.

In summer, I think the natural highlights that children with their fine, delicate hair acquire is the most inspirational in terms of placement, as if the sun did the most natural balayage highlights, framing the face and accentuating the pony tail.

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