Competitions, Competitions, Competitions

This year I set out to enter four competitions, and I am thankful that at this point in the year, I already have two out of the way.  I am also thankful that I have had Anthony Cress as my mentor to give advice, to console me when frustrated and just to help me be better at hair!

At this point in the year I have completed two competition entries and I am so thankful to have the weight off my shoulders!  This year I competed in the Professional Category of the What’s Next Awards, the one I won last year in the New Talent category, and I also just submitted my very first NAHA entry today!  I can’t wait to share the images from my NAHA shoot.

Next on the books is my Trend Vision entry, and I am blessed to have an incredible team working on it.  I don’t feel as confident with avant garde color techniques/design as I do with styling, but I feel primed to learn a ton.  I entered a few years ago, not knowing much about the competition, and even though I didn’t place I got a lot of awesome images and learned a lot.

Lastly, I have the Vidal Sassoon video scholarship again… ready to give it another shot!

Wish me luck.  My goal is just to place in one of these.



Today I’ll leave you with my What’s Next Awards entry for this year =)

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