Apparently February is the Time for Goals

Today I had a day completely off, which is rare for me.  I’m not traveling anywhere far in the next month.  I have had a lot of energy lately and I’ve stayed up late doing my taxes, cleaning my kitchen, cooking a freezing pots of food, etc. etc.  There is a relaxation in the house that is very foreign to me.

This time of year is often quieter.  I had a fair amount of weddings and travel in January but now I am enduring a true winter lull.  Today I found my goal list from just under a year ago and I remember feeling pretty down then.  Last February I didn’t know what exactly I wanted out of my career or if I would be able to achieve much.  I was in very poor health and actually crashed my car in a snow storm trying to get to a doctor’s appointment.  But one of the best ways for me to deal with a rough patch is to make lists and goals and keep looking forward even if I don’t know exactly where I’m going.

It’s funny thinking about how much changed in the months following that list.  I got to meet my sweet baby niece, train with the Doves and win the What’s Next Awards.  April was a month that changed everything.

My goal list from last year is interesting, because my five and ten year goals have completely changed.  At that time I was looking at other aspects of the beauty industry and wasn’t sure if being behind the chair was best for me.  Since then I have looked at a lot of different paths very seriously and I know I want to be behind the chair.  I know that my clients are the best reason to get up and go to work every day and the relationships formed with them are priceless.

As for my one year goals, most of them are met.  I wanted to cook more and keep my house cleaner, and while I am not exactly a domestic goddess… it has definitely improved.  I also wanted my health to improve and it definitely has.  And the biggest one was I wanted to help Richard graduate college, and we did it!  He graduated in December after 2.5 years off, which is a difficult feat.

So here’s to setting more goals.  I’ll tell you about them when I’m crossing them off.  😉

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