A Moment of Silence for All the Beauty that is Concealed by Too Much Makeup

This morning I woke up just outside of Cleveland in a Holiday Inn Express.  Richard and I stopped there to break up a long drive from a class in rural New York, where I was delighted to revisit some beauty students who I’d met a little over 6 months ago.  We meandered down to the free breakfast room a little before 9AM and Richard pointed my attention to the television where the local news had brought in an Ulta employee to demo some makeup on some young girls.

She starts with a model with gorgeous bone structure and points to the cheekbones, then proceeds to brush on an inch wide stripe of bronzer below the girls cheekbones and then partially blends outwards.  (Applied slightly too low, might I add.)  Why, why, why?!  Her cheek bones were already poppin’ and it was just sooo much… not that I am opposed to bronzer, just how opaque the line was and how perfect her cheekbones looked naturally.  A soft sweep below the cheek bones and along the hairline and she would’ve been good to go… or even just a bit of blush.

Next: another young girl who she gave very thick black liner winged out slightly with another line of glittery eyeliner above it.  Then she said it could be a DAY look if she wanted.  A girl with gorgeous eyes and all people will look at is the glitter.  And the last girl got a black and grey smokey eye.

This is why people are afraid of makeup!  Now I think dramatic makeup is fun sometimes and I know the makeup artist may have just been doing dramatic things so it would show well on the camera but even through the camera it was sooo much.  All the youtube videos and tutorials teaching such intense makeup techniques, and sometimes it seems like all they’re doing is taking a pretty person and making them look nothing like themselves.  And it’s not that it is never ok I just wish people could look at every day makeup as something to enhance their features instead of masking them.  I know, I know, I say this all the time and I’m not the only one, but I feel compelled to say it again today.

I just believe that good eyeshadow placement should make people look at the eyes, not at the eyeshadow.

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