Update: First month in Austin!

Ok, so it has been insanely long since I last posted.  We’ve driven probably close to 2,000 miles in that time, moved, and I can count on one hand the free days I’ve had in the last few months.  But don’t take the silence as a bad thing.  Richard and I have been enjoying this grand adventure.  Here’s the sunset we encountered as we were crossing the Texas border.


I admit, once we got here I started to get a little nervous and even fearful that I may have ruined our lives…. Richard was quite homesick in the beginning, which didn’t help the feeling.  As soon as we got to Austin we had a few days to move, then Austin City Limits Music Festival, which was incredible but oh so crowded for my already jumbled brain.ACL

Lots of great acts and lots of great festival fashion, although it was really, really hot the first day and then rainy and really, really muddy the second two days.  Still, I’d say everyone was a pretty good sport about it.  My brother was in town visiting and I have to assume he was just bringing the Pacific North West weather with him.  There was one girl with gorgeous orange hair that I wanted to snap a picture of but I kept losing her in the crowd.  Ah well, failing at being creepy isn’t the worst thing to fail at.

As soon as ACL ended I was off to Houston to teach some Sebastian classes.  It felt pretty great to be spreading the love for some of my favorite products and explaining all the different ways to use them.  I will say, though, I got called “Mama” and “Ma’am” more times in those three days than in the first 25 years of my life combined.  But I found it mostly endearing.

After three days, we drove back at night and I was starting at my new salon, Jose Luis, the next day.  I even had clients on my book that first day, which was pretty incredible to me.  There were around 20 people that worked there for me to meet but it was a lot easier than I expected.  The team work at Jose Luis is really incredible.  It’s amazing to see a group of people who all have each other’s back and are eager to help and give advice whenever asked.  My second week there, we had Halloween, which was a blast because almost everyone got pretty into it.


I even got to do a Mad Men inspired updo that day which was pretty darn fun!


I’ve had a fair share of updos during my month at Jose Luis and I have to say, I definitely want to work towards building my updo clientele more and more in the future, because I really feeling like I am thriving when an updo client comes in.

We also got to celebrate the salon’s 26th year that week.  Jose and Bill (the owners) hooked us up with a food truck for lunch, which was pretty magical.P.Terry's

In short, I’ve been busy (for just beginning) and happy and very much enjoying my new coworkers!  I definitely am missing some people from Pittsburgh, but as a whole I feel like everything just makes more sense here for me.  The clients I’ve had have been wonderful, and most of them seem like they’ve either lived on the west coast or in the north east before, so we already have that in common.  Y’know, they say the sky is the limit and I don’t know if that’s true or really what that’s supposed to mean at all.  But what I do know is that the sky is a hell of a lot bigger here compared to anywhere else I’ve ever lived.

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