Snake Skin Makeup


Hello all! These photos are from last summer. The model is Kayla, also known as edible, and the photographer is Aaron Warnick.

Here are some quick tips for achieving a look like this!

First, apply basic makeup. Then decide where you want the snake print. I used Make Up For Ever HD foundation 118 and 185 and mixed them on a palette creating different shades.

Next, you need a sponge and some wire form. You can get wire form at any craft store. Make sure the wire form doesn’t prick the model and hold it up to the model’s face. Next, use a sponge to apply foundation over the form. Be careful not to use too much product or it will all smudge together and become a blob. I would recommend practicing before trying this for a shoot.

There are countless variations on this, so hopefully someone will find some inspiration in this technique and create something new and interesting.

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OCC Tinted Moisturizer

This will be a very brief and informal review…. And by review, I mean me gushing about how much I adore Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

I will start by discussing the tinted moisturizer, since it is something I use every single day. I am extremely low maintenance and like to keep my makeup very natural. I am the type of woman who would rather hear, “You have flawless skin!” than, “I love your makeup!” My daily routine involves a moisturizer (either a tiny amount of Dr Jardt’s hydrating bb cream or my water/glycerin mix I recently posted about), then tinted moisturizer, then a sheer layer of bareminerals, then blush and a quick swipe of eyeshadow across my lids. That is all most days. Plus whatever lip gloss I have that day. I get a lot of compliments on my skin, which is remarkable to me because I think of myself as having very splotchy skin with a lot of redness from sensitivity. The fairest yellow based color from occ cuts the redness perfectly and brings my face back into the neutral-to-yellow color family of the rest of my body.

The tinted moisturizer is extremely watery. At first I found this a little unsettling, because I wasn’t used to it. But after wearing it, I fell in love. Once it sinks in it doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything! It just feels like skin! One problem I had with it initially, is that, on its own, it really sinks into the skin and I was layering on way too much.

I believe this would be remedied easily by using the occ primer with it. The reason I don’t is because I am allergic to chamomile and the primer has that in it, among all the other natural ingredients. That is why I put a very small amount of bb cream underneath, mainly just in the nose/cheek area where I will need the most coverage. I imagine other primers would work, too, but it is definitely needs a base. The product is reasonable for a quality brand at $25, but I still hate to waste.

It is also not particularly moisturizing, but I don’t see that as a problem. Honestly, tinted moisturizers are never enough on their own, so I prefer that they stay lighter rather than oily/greasy like some I have tried.

I also purchased the concealer. I would probably buy it again, since it is such a perfect color match, but it seems so dry to me. I want to find a way to love it, so I am still playing with different brushes, etc, but it just seems to shrivel into my skin by the end of the day. This, again, might partially be because I can’t use their primer. I also have extremely dry skin, so other people might not have such a problem with it. When I layer some of my water/glycerin mix over top, it seems to help for awhile, but after a twelve hour day it has usually dried up. Probably my skin’s fault, but it really isn’t even bad, I just have high standards.

Bottom line, if you haven’t checked out this brand yet, you need to. Especially if you like to support vegan or cruelty free cosmetic lines.

Natural Moisturizer for Dry, Sensitive Skin

My skin is extremely sensitive. I am sensitive to many fragrances and very prone to eczema and dryness. I have struggled and struggled to find a moisturizer for me, and just recently found one in a very strange place. I was researching different mixing mediums to use to convert my cream foundations to liquid and stumbled upon a homemade mix. After using it on a client and seeing the dewy glow on her face, I thought I’d try it on my own face.

This mix is simple: vegetable glycerin and water. Start with a 1:3 ratio and add more water if you find it too oily. I keep it in a little squeeze bottle and wipe it over my face immediately after washing. I don’t dry my face after washing, I just wash the mixture right over my wet face and let it soak in, then towel my face off.

Now, for most people I would only recommend using this in the winter time, and even then maybe it isn’t for every day. Personally, I use it twice a day, after each washing. Certain times a month I might switch to only once a day but for the most part, twice a day is all I need. After applying, I notice an immediate softening effect, which is awesome for me because my skin can get a very rough texture and if I exfoliate too often my skin gets very red.

For me and my many skin allergies, it is a great advantage to know exactly what is in my skin care products. Anything that simply says “fragrance” or “parfum” is a gamble for me. I have Eucerin, Cetaphil, Cera Ve and many of the other fragrance free lotions, but many of them are very heavy and eithere don’t soak into the skin, don’t moisturize, or leave a film. This glycerin/water mixture soaks right in and doesn’t leave much behind. I have found that by the end of the day, I do have some shine, but nothing a tiny bit of powder can’t handle. A small amount of shine is nothing compared to what Cetaphil leaves behind and it is infinitely better than my skin flaking up under my foundation.

Glycerin is available at most grocery stores for about $4. It is used as a natural sweetener. I would not recommend putting it on your face without diluting it quite a bit. Water is free and can be found at your local faucet.

The bottom line is, if you don’t have dry skin, this isn’t for you. Even if you do, it might not be the right fit for you. I just wanted to share because it has a made a big difference in my skin and for $4 it is worth a shot if you have fussy skin like me! And don’t forget, never change multiple steps of your beauty routine at once. If you try this, try to keep everything else the same at first.