Eyeliner Challenge

Hey everyone, summer is a great time to play around with new looks. One thing I have noticed lately is how eyeliner, more than anything else, seems to get ladies in ruts. There are so many different ways to wear eyeliner. I want to challenge women everywhere to take this month just to play around with different colors, textures and techniques. It seems like women will change blush color, lip color, eyeshadow, try different products on their brow… But however they started doing their eyeliner in middle school, high school or college, that is how it stays until middle age. Life is too short.

If you are me up and try some new methods of defining your eyes, give it a few days before you say yay or nay to the different methods.

A few thoughts on different styles, and inspiration for new methods:

– If you use very crisp eyeliner consider softening it or blending it out with a darker eyeshadow. A soft eyeliner line can make the eyes look less lined, with simply the illusion of longer lashes.

– If you always have soft/smudged liner, try something crisper, like a sharper pencil, a gel or a liquid. Eyeliner pens like Stila or Eyeko are great for people who want to try a crisp line but have trouble with liquid liner.

– Remember, it isn’t a black and white issue. Crisp and soft are too extremes and anything in between is possible!

– Try a different color. If you have light coloring maybe try a brown or charcoal over black liner. If you have dark eyes, maybe pop them with a bright color, or a subtle color like a deep green or blue.

– If you always line your lower waterline, experiment with keeping it natural. You can also line it with a white or peach colored pencil. This will wake up your eyes, draw light to them and give them the illusion of being even bigger. It is also a softer look. If you have always done the lower waterline I would recommend smudging a dark shadow under the lash line just so your eyes don’t feel too light, but this will give you a fresh new look. Personally, I think liner on the lower waterline looks too harsh unless it is supported/balanced by more eye makeup on the top, like a smoky eye. The problem is compounded by the fact that it often doesn’t last well. I always recommend very soft liner or just smudged shadow on the bottom, for a softer, fresher look. Give it a shot!

– Play with shapes. Some people feel like there are only a few options for eyeliner, when there are so many different variations. Some are afraid of a slight wing because they don’t want to have that “retro” look but a slight, soft, smudged wing can extend the eyes without a huge statement. Winged eyeliner can also curve up more or less depending on the illusion and statement you’re going for. If your eyes turn up at the outer corners you can even experiment with letting the line extend slightly downward at the outer corner for a balanced, modern look. So many options.

– Play with line thickness by using different brushes or products if they are available to you. A dark eyeshadow and a wet brush will do the trick. A thicker line in the center of the eye gives the illusion of rounder eyes. A thicker line at the outer corner will make them appear slightly more oval.

– Rim more or less of the eyes. You can go a third of the way in, two thirds, all the way along the lashes or even all the way to the tear duct (the last one is not recommended for most daytime looks). I generally recommend following the lash line on top and bottom but keeping the line at the inner corners very thin.

– If you have a more vibrant style, do a darker, neutral liner with a crisp line of color right on top. You can do either color first. If you do the dark liner first with the color on top, it will tone down the darker color.

– Try lining the upper water line. Your lashes will look so long!

Have fun! And remember, there is no one right way so loosen up and experiment! A great way to reconnect with yourself in the mirror.

Post pictures and comment with results!

Here is a picture of Mary with a soft winged liner look. Photo by Megan Gardner.


Beauty shots with Paige and Mark Brosius


Hello everyone! Here is some work from a few months ago. The model is Paige Price and the photographer is Mark Brosius. Let me tell you what products I used for this look!

Skin prep/primer: Embryolisse
Foundation: Make Up For Ever HD with Graftobian Creme foundation for added coverage in places
Cheeks: Ben Nye blush with Tarte bronzer
Eyes: NYX chubby white pencil to prime with Lime Crime’s China Doll palette with Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Seal with the Lime Crime for the liner
Lips: OCC Lip Tar
Powder: Ben Nye Visage Luxury Powder