Short Ombré With Just a Hint of Violet

Hello Everyone! Check out my new hair color by Lizzie Davis, cut by Derek Piekarski. I am going away from blonde, but still want some dimension and I want to let my ends stay light since I worked so hard to get them there. I wanted just a hint of violet with a mostly brown color and I wanted my near black roots to be blended.

Midshaft: ColorTouch .15 oz 5/66, .65 oz 6/7 with 1.2 oz Intensive Emulsion (13 vol)
Tips: Illumina .2 oz 9/7, .1 oz 9/60 with .3 oz Emulsion (6 vol)



Soft Purple Hair

Hello folks! I should have posted these sooner, because they are beautiful.

For the hairstylists out there I will be including my formulation. Kayla wanted a lavender color, a very soft, muted, pastel purple. I some blues and ashes in with the purple tone because I always feel like the purples have a little bit of a pinkish tone to them with Wella, which makes sense. Color is subjective and every line is a little different so it is important to know your line. I used one color and applied roots first for awhile then to ends. Since I did want an ombré effect and her blonde hair was already darker at the roots than the ends I took the color off as soon as her ends were where I wanted them. Her ends grabbed really quickly so I rinsed then reapplied to her roots which needed quite a bit more time since they were not lightened to the same degree. I used Wella’s ColorTouch line which is a Demi-permanent haircolor and it is also progressive meaning that it gets darker the longer it is on.

Here it is:
Wella ColorTouch .6 10/81, .7 10/6, .2 5/66 .2 8/81 .2 /68 = double CT Emulsion (1.9%)

Model: Kayla, Photographer: Tyler Sinclair