Balayage Highlights with Illumina, Plus a Beautiful Textured Cut

Earlier this week I was honored to be the first professional to color Nichole’s hair. I wanted to start her off with something that required minimal commitment and a definite, yet natural, change. I chose to go with balayage highlights using our Illumina color line.

Illumina is Wella’s new color line and it works beautifully on blondes. It has a violet base, giving a cool and unique tonality that also cuts some of the warmth. Even the warm tones have bite of cool, giving a complex tonality. Illumina imparts incredible shine and keeps hair as close as possible to its virgin state. It does not lift or cover grey as much as Koleston Perfect, Wella’s other permanent color line, but neither of those issues were relevant to Nichole. With her hair texture it would not be difficult for her hair to lift.

Her formula is: Illumina .2 8/81, .2 9/60, .4 10/36 = 40 vol

I painted on Nichole’s color with a medium small brush and did a balayage technique using Saran Wrap, based on the method from our class last month with The Doves,

Next we cut! She lost about five inches of length for a summery new look with lots of interior and exterior layering. Nichole has a great texture and density; even though she has fine hair she can handle a lot of layering without looking sparse. I did a variation of Sebastian’s Jagged Edge cut, throwing in more layering with a back cutting technique.

Styled with Volupt Soray, Trilliance and a little bit of Matte Putty.


Short Ombré With Just a Hint of Violet

Hello Everyone! Check out my new hair color by Lizzie Davis, cut by Derek Piekarski. I am going away from blonde, but still want some dimension and I want to let my ends stay light since I worked so hard to get them there. I wanted just a hint of violet with a mostly brown color and I wanted my near black roots to be blended.

Midshaft: ColorTouch .15 oz 5/66, .65 oz 6/7 with 1.2 oz Intensive Emulsion (13 vol)
Tips: Illumina .2 oz 9/7, .1 oz 9/60 with .3 oz Emulsion (6 vol)



Soft Purple Hair

Hello folks! I should have posted these sooner, because they are beautiful.

For the hairstylists out there I will be including my formulation. Kayla wanted a lavender color, a very soft, muted, pastel purple. I some blues and ashes in with the purple tone because I always feel like the purples have a little bit of a pinkish tone to them with Wella, which makes sense. Color is subjective and every line is a little different so it is important to know your line. I used one color and applied roots first for awhile then to ends. Since I did want an ombré effect and her blonde hair was already darker at the roots than the ends I took the color off as soon as her ends were where I wanted them. Her ends grabbed really quickly so I rinsed then reapplied to her roots which needed quite a bit more time since they were not lightened to the same degree. I used Wella’s ColorTouch line which is a Demi-permanent haircolor and it is also progressive meaning that it gets darker the longer it is on.

Here it is:
Wella ColorTouch .6 10/81, .7 10/6, .2 5/66 .2 8/81 .2 /68 = double CT Emulsion (1.9%)

Model: Kayla, Photographer: Tyler Sinclair