New blow dryer: X:Q onyx by Velecta Paramount Paris (envy+ onyx)

A few years ago I reviewed the Velecta Paramount Paris 4000i blow dryer.  I have to say, I was not easy on that dryer.  It had travelled extensively with me and had been dropped on a couple occasions.  It lasted over two years, which was past the warranty, but I had a great experience with GroomIt Industries, who repaired it for $50 (which included shipping back to me, but not the shipping that it took to get it there).  So now I am happy to have two Velecta Paramount Paris blow dryers and a quick and inexpensive contact for fixing them.

Before my 4000i went out, I had started eyeing the X:Q onyx.  The specs are similar to the 4000i, but only 80mph windspeed instead of 81mph.  So… not a big deal.  The main difference is the silencer on the back of the blow dryer.  My main love on the 4000i was the small body, but due to the extremely ergonomic placement of the handle, all of the extra bulk doesn’t really impact my grip.  Weight-wise, it is an extremely balanced blow dryer.

Below is the European version.  Mine looks the same, just with a different name.  Check out the specs on the official website.

This blow dryer is relatively expensive, but due to the ease and cheapness of fixing it, I think it is worth it.  And two years seems to be on the long end of average for professional blow dryers that are used all day, every day.  With my pro discount, it was $200 plus tax, about $50 more than the last one, but I would say it is worth it for how quiet this dryer is.  I also think the cold shot is less stiff on this one, but perhaps that was just because the other one was old.

Another tip I’ve gotten through this process was not to put the blow dryer nozzle directly on the hair.  When I spoke on the phone with GroomIt Industries, I asked the (very nice) man for advice on helping my blow dryer last as long as possible.  He mentioned how platform artists always put the nozzle directly onto the hair and brush and how that is very bad for the blow dryer, and allowing a small amount of space can help the blow dryer a lot.  And obviously, he said blow dryers don’t like being dropped 😉

My Blow Dryer: The Velecta Paramount Paris TGR 4000i

With 80mph wind speed and a tiny frame, my blow dryer is everything I need it to be: compact and powerful! Last winter I searched high and low for the perfect blow dryer, which is an extremely personal decision. I would definitely recommend my Velecta Paramount Paris TGR 4000i blow dryer to anyone with a small frame like me. I wouldn’t consider it exceptionally light weight at 18 oz, they weight is similar to larger blow dryers (as is the power). What it is that helps ease my joints, especially my wrist and elbow, is very short. It is only 8 inches across and the handle is slightly more centered than most blow dryers so it feels even shorter.

A shorter blow dryer means more maneuverability for me and I can get closer to the client to really get in there. I am 5’1″ and short limbed. I have always struggled with standard blow dryers. Half way through a blowout I can be in extreme pain with a longer dryer and I feel like I need to step away from the client to switch the direction of the long nose. Part way through my search, i realized weight is not the issue, it is the length. I realized with a shorter dryer that is four less inches I need to raise my drying arm when drying long hair with volume. I looked at getting a lighter dryer with Velecta Paramount Paris but opted for the more powerful one, figuring it would be better to dry quicker with a dryer slightly over one pound than to take longer with a dryer slightly under one pound.

Check out the specs for the Velecta Paramount Paris 4000i blow dryer here.

Other features I love are: an exceptionally long cord and the option to turn off the ionic function. The dryer has a cold shot button, a button for air flow, temperature and an on/off switch for the ionic function. Why would you want to turn off the ionic function? It isn’t the best for fine hair. I know a lot of times people talk about the new blow dryer technology like it is necessary for every person, but for clients that struggle with volume, sometimes the ionic function will leave their hair silky soft and falling flat. Now, for a client with unmanageable frizz and thick hair, I would probably recommend a T3 or a BioIonic blow dryer, because they would just have the ionic function on all the time anyway.

Only features I dislike are that they are harder to get than other dryers, I got mine from The Beecher Group, and the warranty is only two years. Which is a bummer. But eight months in I haven’t had a single problem.

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