My beloved clients

Hello All!

I’ve reached out to a few individually, but wanted everyone to know:  I have been back in the salon for about a month now.  It has been really incredible to see my job turning into the career of my dreams!  Every day that I go into the salon I get to have great conversations and use my creative powers to help people improve their day to day experiences with their hair.  I get to stay close to home and take care of my baby on breaks.  I even get to walk to work some days!

That said, there have been a lot of new bodies in my chair recently, and that has been so incredible.  It’s like this area is a bottomless well of cool, down to earth people that have hair.  This means that pre-booking or getting the spot you need a few weeks in advance is becoming important, especially for those that need weekend or evening times.

Have a great Sunday and hope to see you in my chair soon 🙂

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