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My specialty is low maintenance cuts and colors of all length, shape and hue.  Every service comes with a complimentary consultation.  For more complicated color appointments I recommend filling out the form below so I can help you select the proper services to book your appointment.  I offer a large variety of cutting and coloring services.  I use mostly Wella color (include their new line intended to reduce color allergies) and Pulp Riot.  For styling we carry R+Co and Kevin Murphy products.  At this time, I do NOT offer any services that change the texture of your hair, such as perms, relaxers or keratin treatments.

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  • Women’s Cuts  $75
    • Women’s cuts come with a complimentary shampoo and style out.
    • Complimentary neck trim and/or bang trim between appointments.
  • Men’s Cuts  $60-$75
    • Men’s cuts come with a complimentary hot towel, shampoo and style out.  The price range is to reflect whether it is a traditional men’s cut or a creative and/or highly detailed or textured cut.
    • Complimentary neck trim in between appointments.  Listed as a “bang trim” in the booking system.
  • Kid’s Cuts  $45+
    • Note: I do not do clipper cuts on children and they generally don’t get a shampoo
    • Kid’s price is reserved for ages 12 and under



  • Single Process $85
    • This is your basic “root” touch up.  It includes a gloss on your ends.
    • In this process I can cover grey hair, go darker or shift the tone of your hair, but if you want an all over lighter color, this is not the right service.
    • A full style out can be added on for $20.
  • Balayage  $160+
    • Balayage provides a beautifully blended and sunkissed look.
    • I use a large variety of techniques to achieve a balayage look, sometimes using long foils, but more often using free hand painting techniques.
    • Sometimes a toner is needed for an extra $20 to reach the desired tone.
    • The base price for balayage is based on a natural placement of highlights throughout the top of the hair.  More dramatic looks will take more time/product and therefore cost more money.
    • For current balayage or color clients I offer a “Spill” for in between balayage appointments.  These services are $60 and intended to increase the length of time between long balayage appointments.  They cover just over the part and around the face to freshen everything up.
    • Most of my balayage clients get balayage done twice a year, with some Spills and glosses/toners in between.
    • Balayage can grow out so naturally, it is a great option for those who are nervous about jumping into the world of color or who aren’t sure if they will want to maintain it.
  • Traditional Foil Highlights $130 +
    • Foil highlights are a better option for clients who want to blend grey away without covering it.
    • My foiling style is more minimal, and I like to foil with color when possible to keep the integrity of the hair and for a more natural result.
    • Natural highlights are my style.  “Power blondes” or people who get back to back foils should probably find a different stylist.  Just being honest.
    • Highlights will also sometimes need toners for an extra $20.
    • The “Spill” option is also available to regular highlight clients, for coverage just over the part line.
  • Bleach Retouch  $150
    • My bleach retouch price includes toner.
    • This is for the platinum blondes who want every hair on their head to be lightened.
    • For long hair, the first Bleach session will be more expensive, depending on how much product and time is required.
    • My bleach retouch clients come every 4-6 weeks.  If they go longer there is a risk of “banding” which means the hair will not lift evenly, resulting in orange bands.  The bands can be fixed but required more lightener or a higher developer which risks breakage.  A firm commitment to regular hair appointments is extremely important for Bleach Retouches.
  • Glosses, Toners, etc.  $20-$60
    • Toning hair with another hair service is only $20.
    • Glosses are also demi-permanent colors but often left on a bit longer than a toner.  They will range from $40-$60 depending on how long they will process (which also reflects how long they will last).
  • For information on Color Corrections, fill out the form below.


  • Blowouts $50
    • Or with a color service, $20
  • Updos/Event Styling $75+
    • I have a background in on location commercial styling and also wedding styles.
  • Bridal Styling $125
    • A trial is required for bridal styling, at the cost of $75.  Trust me, you will be glad you had a trial


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