©Leah Muse Photography
©Leah Muse Photography

About Me

Hello, I am Rachel Lynn Carr, Austin-based hair stylist, proudly working at Luminosity Hair Studio in the Mueller neighborhood of Austin.

My services always begin with a thorough consultation, so I can get to know the clients needs and desires. I thrive on finding creative solutions and new means of self expression.  If you are interested in appointment, click here.

I went to college at University of Pittsburgh studying writing and art.  I love the ability to work and talk with different types of people from every culture and I love giving people the opportunity to relax in my chair and walk out feeling pampered and confident. I have travelled the world learning more about hair and more about people.

I’m also a mom of three amazing little boys.  Most of my free time is spent outdoors with my family.

I started this blog years ago with my musings about social, artistic and emotional/psychological issues related to beauty, as well as tips, tricks, trends and my experiences with continuing education.  The last few years I have mainly been using it to update my clients regarding my life and work.  Enjoy!

Check me out around the web:

EsteticaUSA.com, “Hair Mentorships,” October 2014
Taffeta Collection on ModernSalon.com, August 2014
Beauty Changes Lives Blog, May 2014
Market Watch, Sassoon Scholarship, May 2014
CNBC, Scholarship Honors Business and Beauty Legend, May 2014
Vogue Italia, Savannah, March 2014
Business Wire, Vidal Scholarship Feature, May 2014
Wella Education Blog Feature, “Winner’s Circle,” May 2014
Wella Education Blog Feature, “I couldn’t see myself…” December 2013
Estetica, Look of the Day, January 9, 2014
My Vidal Sassoon Scholarship Video Entry
Interview with The Hair Nerds
Launchpad Video from the 2013 What’s Next Awards
American Salon, “Headed for Greatness,” August 2013
American Salon, “Passport to Beauty,” August 2013
Salon Magazine (CA), June 10, 2013
The Hair Nerds Black Ops Article, May 2, 2013
Launchpad, May 2013
Interview on FirstChair.com, May 2013
Modern Salon, April 28, 2013
Behind the Chair, April 2013
Vogue Itala, January 2013

and occasionally featured on Modcloth.com and IdentityCrisisLegwear.com

My work has been featured in the following magazines:
Estetica USA, December 2014
Beauty Launchpad
, August 2014
Estetica USA – Education Issue, August 2014
Inked: The Sex Issue, August 2014
Jute Magazine: XII, August 2014
Editorial, July 2014
Estetica USA – Color Issue, June 2014
American Salon, August 2013
Deadly Dessert, March 2013
Editorial, October 2012
Editorial – Faces, June 2012

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