An Update for the New Year


It’s been awhile since I’ve reached out.  What is there to say when the year is just a loop of varying tragedies?  Hope you all are well if I haven’t seen you recently.  Felt a need for an update as things are both changing and not changing.

First off, many of you know I have already received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine, and due for my second dose February 11th.  At this time, no changes in protocol have been suggested at the salon as we really haven’t gotten any guidance from our state board or any other agency.  So until further notice even if all in the space are vaccinated, masks are still required, our capacity is still low and blow dryers are still turned off.  We haven’t had any known cases within the salon (clients or stylists) and we do hope to keep it that way.  Hopefully as the vaccine rollout continues and when Austin’s numbers come back down, we will be in a better place to re-evaluate protocol and will have gotten some proper guidance on how to proceed.  Thank you to all the many clients I’ve seen who have done everything they can to keep me and my family safe and supported.

Second, just a reminder that online scheduling is still turned off.  Email or text me (541-954-2017), I think I’m usually pretty quick to get back to clients.  I will be taking a leave this summer (June and July) and plan to keep online scheduling off until my return in August.  But I’m still here working, so reach out if you need something!  Don’t wait until the last minute, our low capacity means my days in the salon are still limited.

Hope to see you soon!

Stay well,

Rachel Lynn Carr

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