Advice on Advice

Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about ADVICE. Both related to and unrelated to the beauty industry, I have both received a lot of advice and been asked for advice numerous times. Well, here is some advice on how to sift through the mounds and mounds of advice out there.

1. Don’t listen to everyone. When offered advice examine the advice giver’s personality and see if it is like yours in the relevant ways. For example, if they talk to you about a lot of aggressive tactics you can try to become more successful, and you are a more passive person, see if you can find a nugget of helpfulness in their advice but for the most part just leave it. Better to be the best version of yourself than a mediocre version of someone else.

2. Beware of advice that stems from anything negative. It doesn’t mean not to listen but if someone had a bad experience, evaluate how likely you are to have the same experience and put their advice in context.

3. Don’t over share advice. It can be annoying and rude. I recommend only giving advice when asked for it but that is a little extreme and old fashioned. Give advice as rarely as possible and people will listen to what advice you do give more.

4. Don’t give advice in the form of a complaint, including on Facebook if you have business connections on there. Cool down or text a friend instead. No one likes passive aggressive advice.

5. Try not to think in black and white when it comes to advice. Something isn’t necessarily just either right or wrong, it could be somewhere in the middle.

6. Have your own thoughts, objectives and opinions and you will be able to ask more questions and challenge advice in such a way that when people give you advice they know you a little better and thus give better advice.

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