Nigel’s Beauty Emporium in North Hollywood

Had a great day in Los Angeles yesterday! Woke up in a charming hostel after six hours of sleep and we hit the town running. We bused out to North Hollywood, had some delicious breakfast at Eats and hit up Nigel’s Beauty Emporium and a bustling farmer’s market.

Nigel’s Beauty Emporium was great! I had heard a bit about the store and was excited about their pro discount program. The staff was so helpful! For those that don’t know about Nigel’s it is like a Sephora (minus the expensive atmosphere) containing all the best makeup, skincare and hair brands for film/photo work. It was cool to play with some Face Atelier products, which normally have to ship from Canada, which is a pain. I was very happy to ask questions with the girl there about which products are best for which situations. I came away with a few brushes, a few shade of Amazing concealer, some illuminaters from Face Atelier, and another shade of lip tar. Reviews to come!

As an added bonus a lady on the wouldn’t stop staring at me and when I caught her she complimented my hair. She slowly made her way towards me and asked where I had my hair done. I was proud to say, “Pittsburgh, PA.”

Also, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has a pretty sweet Kubrick exhibit how and some awesome large scale pieces in their contemporary art building!

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